Biathlon Rules & Regulations – Updated Rulebook 2022


Biathlon is one of the most challenging winter games that give thrilling experiences both for viewers and participants. This winter sport is a mixture of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting which is scheduled to kick start soon from 4th February 2022. It is one of the difficult sports events to be conducted mostly comprises of a combination of five events – individual, sprint, relay, pursuit, and mass start.

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) is the official body that decides the rules and regulations for Biathlon. So here we have come up with the updates Biathlon Rulebook 2022.

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What is the objective of Biathlon Rules & Regulations?

The main objective of the Biathlon sports event is to ski at high speed, conserving energy to hit five targets at the rifle range as fast as possible. It is one of the most popular winter sports televised across Europe live which is enjoyed by more than 40000 spectators.

Rules & Regulations of Biathlon

  • The biathlete skis from a distance ranging from 6 km to 20 km targeting two or four times.
  • The shooting distance to shot is always 50m.
  • The diameters depend on the shooting position.  In the standing position, it is 115mm in diameter, and in the prone position, it is 45mm.
  • There is an individual event penalty of an extra one minute for each target missed or a 150m penalty loop immediately after each session of shooting.
  • The individual and sprint event begins with one biathlete at a time. The gap between the two events is 30 seconds.
  • In the relay event, all the teams from the first members begin the race at the same time.
  • Right from the beginning of the race till the end, the biathletes are solely responsible for their actions and decisions like selecting a shooting lane in the Relay and Mass start, also counting the total number of targets they missed to shoot and skiing the exact number of penalty loops.
  • The Skier must carry his rifle throughout the race.
  • There is also a new concept of Relay Race a “Mixed Relays, where female biathletes complete the first and second part of the relay race. The male biathletes compete in the third and fourth parts of the race.
  • The procedures and rules from the relay race are followed by the biathletes from the Mixed Relay.
  • A Biathlete must respect and adhere to the rules and regulations of the competition they are participating in.

Biathlon Scoring System

The Biathlon Scoring system is based on the biathlete with the highest-ranking score and nations of each WC season. The score for each event at the Biathlon is allocated as follows

  • For First Position – 60 points
  • For Second Position – 54 Points
  • For Third Position – 48 Points
  • For Fourth Position – 43 Points
  • For Fifth Position – 40 Points
  • For Sixth Position – 38 Points
  • For Seventh Position – 36 Points
  • For Eight Position – 34 Points
  • For Ninth Position – 32 Points
  • For Tenth Position – 31 Points

The Points goes on decreasing by one point up to 40th position. In the case of a tie, an equal number of points are given to the respective biathletes.

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